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Without sun

Honningsvåg. Let's turn back time to January, when i was in the far far north of Norway helping a film crew (!) to interpret (!) seriously everything. The people we talked to were either refugees who didn't speak English or old, so i needed to translate all the Norwegian into Dutch and the other way around. It was extremely exhausting, but also so - much - fun.

And tonight, that documentary movie will be aired on Dutch national tv, with my subtitles.
It's crazy and i'm crazy proud - crazy nervous too, although i know it's all good as i've luckily seen it myself already. But still.

23:45, NPO3.
And from tomorrow viewable all over the world, here. Mostly Norwegian sound, Dutch text.



1 - I didn't have work to go to anymore, but i started a super fun project (on hotspots in Utrecht). Follow here if you'd like!
2 - One day, my parents and I went to one of my favorite places: Connecterra offers the closest proper view to home-home.
3 - Like last year, i volunteered at Snor festival.
4 - And my brand new business cards arrived! I'm so happy with the way they turned out.

& i went to Liverpool,
and did even more! Despite the unemployment, September was a good one. Happy October!


Tea, scones & a meeting between old meets new

Liverpool. What a surprise! If you ever end up in this city (Englands 3rd biggest?!!) please make sure to:

- use lots of money at Utility;
- use lots of money on things that are cheaper in England, like tea and Curlywurly-chocolate and British magazines;
- join the Free Walking Tour and learn about the city, the club and the band (obviously called The Beatles);
- spend time in Bold Street and the area around LIPA University, so cozy and nice (and perfect for lunch, dinner, drinks);
- enjoy the combination of traditional and modern architecture around Albert Dock;
- enjoy the (mostly) free museums, like Tate Liverpool (and its amazingly pretty and interesting museum shop);
- drink tea infused gin & tonics (!) at Goodness Gracious' rooftop garden;
- whenever you get a bit tired of all the awesome/cheap tea: drink coffee at 92 Degrees Coffee;
- go for Afternoon Tea at Oh Me Oh My.


Liverpool streets

Liverpool. After tough months with a job i didn't really like, panic attacks, being afraid for lots of things there's no reason to be afraid of (and more i don't really feel like writing about), things are ok again. I'm 27 now, unemployed and (mostly) happy, motivated, inspired, full of ideas and plans and for the first time in months - excited to see new places and meet new faces.

Last weekend i went to the airport without knowing where my friend and i would be going - we ended up in Liverpool. A lovely pocket-sized city, perfect to explore in one weekend and filled with lovely people, pretty houses and super cheap tea.


I can collect some addresses and write a tiny city guide, if you'd like?